Monday, September 17, 2007

Paramount Oxford Hotel

Hello Goodday,

I am Mr Anthony Cox, Manager of Paramount Oxford Hotel, hotels in London.

We are on the second phase of recruiting workers. We are currently looking for 10 to 27energistic young individuals to join our working team under ther following positions:

1 cooker with not less than 2 years cooking experience
2 scretary and assistant
3 attendant
4 car washer
5 cleaner
6 security men
7 Men/woman who can host people on stage.

Our salary is very attractive as we pay what is obtainable in every 5 star hotels in London and other developed countries. If you are interested to work for us,

We shall help you to process your document and pay for your flight ticket with your one-month visa as a tourist to enter here in London and work with us.

Bye from Anthony Co

Special Benefits Include:

* Partial Telecommute (area resident can work from home at least one day each week)
* flexible work hours
* health insurance
* special hours for summer months
* Will sponsor visa if not US citizen
* Will consider applicants on a part-time basis
* Entry level applicants may respond



Job Location(s):

213(CA), 675(),876(),543()


Paramount Oxford Hotel

Apply email your resume to:

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