Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mining targets our skilled workers

Other cities are Geelong, Victoria, and Wollongong, NSW. The Now Hiring campaign is aimed at skilled tradespeople in the three cities as the mining boom continues to expand with huge demand for tradespeople.

It includes advertising in radio, newspapers and billboards in the cities and follows national career expo presentations throughout Australia.

Set up as a pilot program targeting skilled tradespeople, the campaign is part of the Minerals Council of Australia's broader national strategy to promote career opportunities in the minerals industry. The industry has estimated it will need an estimated 70,000 additional workers by 2015.

MCA chief executive Mitchell Hooke said in a statement, the minerals industry was experiencing a global supercycle of growth.

"We must attract skilled tradespeople if the industry and, indeed, Australia, is to fully capitalise on the opportunities of the strongest global market growth in a generation," he said.

"We are not only offering well paid jobs, we are offering exciting career prospects.

"The minerals industry is at present experiencing double the wages growth of the all-industry average and has the most substantial on-the-job training expenditure per employee of any industry."

Mr Hooke said specific tradespeople being sought were boilermakers/welders, metal fitters - mechanical, diesel and plant, mechanical engineering - diesel, heavy and light plant, and electrical trades.

Those interested in a career in the minerals industry can visit the MCA's website at which provides direct access to job vacancies, career information and links to companies recruiting skilled tradespeople.

The State Government is establishing a range of skilled training centres across South Australia aimed at providing workers for jobs in the mining boom occurring here.

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