Monday, December 10, 2007

Registered Nurses Needed

MEDTalents, Inc. is a recruiting company duly licensed by the POEA to search, recruit and deploy Filipino workers to any destination outside the Philippines.

We are currently in need of Registered Nurses for various facilities in the United States with at least one year of experience in any of these areas: Emergency Room (ER), Intensive Care/Critical Care (ICU/CCU), Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU), Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU), Telemetry, Labor & Delivery/Midwifery (L&D), Operating Room (OR) and Medical-Surgical (MedSurg).

Who are qualified to apply?

· Must have passed the NCLEX Exam

· Must have passed the English test

· Must apply for visa screen certification

· We may consider those who have just taken the exams and awaiting for the results

· Must be a Registered Nurse in their country of origin and must have at least one year of experience in the area or areas that he/she is applying for

Note: Please indicate the exams passed and/or taken in the resume

Who else can apply?

· RNs who are in the US and need sponsorship provided that they have passed the NCLEX and English tests

· RNs who are in other countries (London/UK, Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria, Middle East) can also apply provided that they have passed NCLEX and English tests

Salaries & Benefits (to be provided by the employer – the facility):

· Minimum of $26.00/hour depending on the years of experience

· Overtime pay rate of time & a half

· 4% pay increase upon completion of 2,496 hours

· 4% additional pay increase upon completion of 4,992 hours

· Holiday pay of time and a half

· Medical & Dental Coverage

· FREE – housing for 3 months

· Immigrant visa sponsorship by the employer

· FREE – immigration costs & attorney's fees

· Reimbursement of Visa screen fees & consular processing fees

· Reimbursement of airfare upon satisfactory completion of 90 day probationary period

· Upon arrival to USA, minimum 2-4 weeks Intensive Orientation

· Duration of employment contract: 2.5 years

Please send your resume immediately to me at

Thank you,


VP, Recruiting

MedTalents Inc

155 N Washington Ave

Bergenfield, NJ 07261

T 201-384-7400 ext 124

F 201-385-8243

E lucy.barredo@medtalentscom

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