Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Language / Education - Korean Teachers

Positions available Full-time
English Proficiency Native
Job Description Premium locations in Western Seoul: Near Exciting Hongdae/Sinchon and Affluent Gangnam

Minimum 2,000,000 won and up
Only 26 teaching hours per week Monday to Friday
Your salary is guaranteed by the YBM-SISA Education Head Office
Rent free private single studios with Air Conditioning
Prepaid air tickets into Korea and return air tickets
E2 visa sponsorship
Paid training before teaching
200,000 won Relocation allowance
50,000 won visa fee subsidy

SEOUL POSITIONS for end of March arrival

Come to Yeongdeungpo ECC. Our school is located near Daerim Subway Station (2 and 7) in the city of Seoul. This area is a residential area, providing many places to eat as well as ritzy department stores. Our school is also conveniently located right between two of the hottest spots north and south of the Han River. Daerim Station is about 15 mins. away from the exciting Hongik University/Shinchon area (Hongdae). There are many bars and clubs in the area and many foreigners frequent this area to enjoy their nightlife. Also, we are around 25mins. away from the Gangnam area, which is a ritzy, affluent area also known for being a popular hangout spot among young Koreans.

Hello, this is Gwangmyweong ECC. We are located in western SEOUL near Cheolsan Subway Station (line 7). The Gwangmyeong area offers mountains nearby for hiking enthusiasts. Partygoers can head up to the Hongdae/Sinchon area where there are many bars and nightclubs. That area is a famous university area, where many university students and foreigners enjoy their nightlife. We are also near the Gwangmyeong bullet train station, which can take you to other cities in Korea, such as Busan!

To see our sample contract and pictures of our company owned ECC schools, check out

Positions are continually are being newly opened so apply now to be consider for one of our 31 company owned schools.

To apply for one or more of the above listed branches please send the following to the YBM Head Office at or

1. Your updated Resume and short cover letter or cover email
2. Any digital photo of yourself
3. State the locations you would like to consider (list one or more)
4. State the time frame you are able to begin work (such as end of March, end of April etc. or both)
5. Please state if you have the required documents in order or by what date you will have them (university diploma, official transcripts, passport)

NATIVE English speaker with citizenship from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland.
A bachelors degree or higher from the above listed countries

YBM Education can guarantee that you will get everything as stated in your contract. We can guarantee this because we are the largest English education company in the entire country. YBM is a multi-national corporation with branches throughout Korea and overseas. We generated over $420 million in revenue in the year 2006.

Do not worry if you are a first time teacher or new to the ECC program. We offer 5 full days of paid training and orientation at our Head Office from a professional teacher trainer. During this session, there will be a “Living in Korea” segment as well, to help you get adjusted to your life in a new country.

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