Friday, February 29, 2008

Home away from home in the Middle East

Planning to visit the Middle East for either vacation or a job? Well I know you are here on this blog for the latter. So let me help you out in organizing your thoughts.

So okay, you’re application for an overseas job, particularly in the Middle East has been successful. Visa ready, passports check, packs in; but what about the place you are stay in there and that’s not part of your job package?

I guess that’s one important thing you consider before boarding that airplane. Where are you going to stay? Have you had any list of cheap hotels in Dubai or cheap hotels in Abu Dhabi already? What about a contact of any cheap hotels in United Arab Emirates?

Have you considered any of this already?

You see going abroad, like the Middle East, isn’t just about the job waiting, the visa, and plane. It is also about securing the place you can call ‘home’ while you are in a strange place.

Now, you ready to go?

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