Monday, April 28, 2008

Public School positions SEOUL

Job Location Korea > Seoul-si
Start Date Apr. 30,2008
Job Categories Language/Education
Positions available Part-time
English Proficiency Native
Job Description ◈ Public Elementary school (afternoon-English-class)
teaching positions available from the beginning of April 2008....
(location Seoul Metropolitan area)

INTERVIEWS will be conducted ASAP….

Current positions and Locations:

◈ Start Date and Location
*** One-YEAR contract position ***
* commence teaching ASAP
* Teachers needed – 1 (one)
* Children’s Grand Park Station (line 7 -station 726
* teach 4 X 40 minute classes (09:50am ~ 1:40pm)
* Wage: 3 million Korean Won Per Month / some months less due to kid’s camps etc
*** One-YEAR contract position ***
(arrive at the school at 09:30 and leave the school at 1:40pm)
*This school is seeking a teacher willing to teach for a couple of years**

◈ Start Date and Location
*** One-YEAR contract position ***
* commence teaching ASAP
* Teachers needed – 2 (two)
* Seokgye Station (brown line 6 -station 644 / transfer station
with blue line 1 - station 121)
* teach 4/5 X 40 minute classes (01:00pm ~ 4:00/4:40pm)
* Wage: 2.4 million Korean Won Per Month
* Maximum students per class – 15 students
*** One-YEAR contract position ***
(arrive at the school at 12:45 and leave the school at 4:00/4:40pm)

◈ Job Description
- 19~24 classes per week
- Grade 1 ~ Grade 6
- 2.4 million per month
- 40 minute classes
- maximum 15 students per class
- 12:50 pm to 5:00 pm

**NO Class preparation hours*** COME AT 12:45 leave at 5pm
* No split shifts
* Curriculum & lesson plans provided
* Commencing TEACHING date : ASAP
(1-year contract & E-2 visa given)
* class size - (15 students maximum)
* Korean-English speaking teacher assistance
* No Housing Offered
* Visa sponsorship (and visa-run-Japan/hotel paid)....
* Vacations available - but NOT paid...
*Samsung WORLD-WIDE medical insurance

Teacher should be a native English teacher from the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, or NZ....
- must hold a degree
- who has taught young Korean students for at least a year in a
classroom environment within Korea
- who possesses strong work ethics and is punctual
- who is great with young children and dedicated to helping them
develop their English.
- who is a team player and is able to work well with others.

* ALL qualified Teachers are encouraged to apply.

Our positions cater for the after-school programs at Public Elementary Schools in Seoul.
Teachers will be working with elementary school kids so they will need to be enthusiastic, outgoing and self motivated. We are looking for hard-working and cooperative individuals who will form good working relationships with students and parents. We already have a great curriculum in place for you to follow and our management staff will work closely with you to support your every need.

Required documents:

1. passport.
2. updated resume.
3. University degree (original)
4. Criminal record (must not be more than 2 months old)

Please send resume, pic and a contact telephone number

We look forward to meeting you!!

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