Sunday, April 12, 2009

Number of displaced OFWs bottoms out; hiring on – DoLE

April 9, 2009, 7:07pm

The number of displaced overseas Filipino workers (OFW) has bottomed out as the demand for Filipino workers abroad continues.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) noted that in Taiwan, where the biggest number of displaced OFWs came from, has started to rehire OFWs.

Citing data from the Manila Economic Cultural Office (MECO), Labor Secretary Marianito Roque said that a total of 468 OFWs found jobs in Taiwan in March this year. Another 851 displaced OFWs were re-hired by their employers in Taiwan.

Companies affected by the global crisis are keeping the OFWs to avoid losing their quotas and in anticipation of improvement in the economy of Taiwan in the fourth quarter.

MECO data also indicated that displacements of foreign workers in Taiwan have been marginalized. During this same period, no OFW in this country was laid off due to the crisis.

Roque also noted that no additional OFW dislocation was recorded, saying that the number of OFWs displaced by the global crisis remained at 6,000 and not 12,000 as alleged by reports.

He said the situation in many countries with OFWs appear to have stabilized as the demand for Filipino manpower by foreign employers still continues.

The Middle East (ME) countries remained the top countries of destination for OFWs. For the first quarter of 2009, Roque said the Philippine Labor Offices in ME have monitored 106,800 new job opportunities for OFWs excluding the job orders registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

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